Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, located just off the coast of Honduras in Central America.

The island offers many different beaches, some ideal for snorkelling, some secluded and others ideal for families.

Popular pursuits include snorkelling and kayaking, horse riding or a visit the Butterfly Farm.

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Where You’re Docked

Ships dock on the south side of Roatan at either Coxen Hole or Mahogany Bay.

At Coxen Hole facilities include internet access, an ATM, small shopping mall and a handful of restaurants.

Near to the Mahogany Bay pier is a strip mall-type plaza with souvenir shops, restaurants, general store, jewelry stores, shore excursion information, car hire and an ATM. A chairlift gives visitors unlimited rides to and from Mahogany Beach — a nearby 10 acre private beach, for a one off charge per day.

Good to Know

Coxen Hole: If you travel beyond the immediate port area, be prepared to deal with pushy locals — sometimes children — who will offer everything from cab rides and excursions to local wares. You might also be asked for money by locals who try to force their tour guide services on you, even if you haven’t asked for them. It’s important to know where you’re headed before venturing out on your own; two young children told us that certain bars along the main street, just outside the port area, are actually brothels in disguise.

Mahogany Bay: The whole setup is a bit of a tourist trap. If you decide to explore elsewhere and want to rent a car, be warned that the roads tend to be narrow, and traffic lights are basically nonexistant.

As you would in any unfamiliar place, keep all unnecessary valuables onboard in your cabin’s safe.

Getting Around

On foot: 

By car: 

By bus:

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The official currency is the lempira (named for a martyr who fought the Spanish). U.S. dollars are widely accepted, as are credit cards and traveler’s checks. In Coxen Hole, BAC Credomatic provides cash advances on credit cards and features a 24-hour ATM. An ATM is also available at Mahogany Bay in the center of the main plaza. 


Though Spanish is the official language of Honduras, most people on Roatan speak both Spanish and English.


Locally made handicrafts are great souvenirs. You can pick them up at stalls located throughout the areas surrounding port. You’ll find everything from clothing and jewelry to cigars and chocolate — all at decent prices. In Coxen Hole, the most authentic offerings can be found if you head beyond the immediate port area, which is a bit more commercialized. Don’t worry: It’s easily walkable.

Authentic dishes include shrimp with rice, chicken in coconut milk, conch soup and fish tacos.

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