Skagen, Denmark

Skagen, Denmark

Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost town. It is situated on the east coast of the Skagen Odde peninsula in the far north of Jutland, northern Europe.

Skagens Museum was founded in 1908 in order to collect and preserve the works of the famous artists’ colony in the surroundings in which they were created. It includes over 1800 paintings, sketches, graphic works, sculptures and ceramics, mainly from the period 1870-1930.

Skagen’s charming fishing harbour and marina features fishmongers and restaurants in the famous old “Fiskepakhuse” designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll. Many pleasure boats visit the idyllic harbour during the summer months.

Constructed in the second half of the 14th century, Saint Laurence church was the biggest church in the region at the time. By the beginning of the 1600s, sand drifts began to slowly encroach upon the area around the church, finally reaching it in the 18th century. In order to attend service, the congregation were forced to dig their way to the church. As this task became increasingly impossible, the church was finally abandoned in 1795. Today only the church tower is visible.

Grenen is Denmark’s northernmost point where the 2 seas – the Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. Enjoy the area’s seals which have become accustomed to tourists visiting. (Note: swimming is strictly forbidden here as it is very dangerous).

Surrounding Skagen you’ll find 60km of lovely white beaches. On the Skagerrak coast the waves are a bit bigger, the water deeper and the currents more powerful than on the east coast, so caution is recommended.

The broad sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing and fun and games. The beaches near the town aren’t open to traffic, but you can drive onto the beaches at Kandestederne and Skiveren. The

Kattegat coast is the gentle coast, the water is shallow and the beaches are ideal for families with children.

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Where You’re Docked

The Port of Skagen is Denmark’s most northerly cruise ship harbor. In 2015 port expansion was completed adding new (dedicated to cruise vessels) facilities, including 2 piers with capacity to berth big-sized liners.

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Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The official currency is the Danish Krone.


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Skagen is home to a range of arts and crafts galleries, as it has been popular place with artists for generations. The Tourist Office offers guided tours including children’s walks, town and graveyard walks etc.

There are lots of shopping opportunities in Skagen, good buys include Danish handicrafts, jewelry, amber, art and fashion items. The pedestrian street is around a 5 minute walk from the terminal.

Fresh fish and seafood such as cod, eel, herring, salmon and shrimp are very popular menu choices along with traditional Skagen ham, organic Angus steaks and delicious strawberry or apple pie.

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