Olden, Norway

Olden is a tender port – Ships have to anchor off Olden and tender passengers ashore by boat. When tendering is required, guests using mobility devices will not be transferred into or out of the tender. Many tender ports do not provide wheelchair access so even if the guest can board the tender they may not be able to disembark ashore. Again the shore-side facilities, movement of the tender, weather and tidal conditions can also preclude tendering.

Olden, Norway

Olden is a village in the municipality of Stryn in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway.

Olden is the gateway to the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland. A tour to Briksdal, its most well-known glacier arm, is a highly recommended excursion.

See the breathtaking Loen Valley by boat on the ice green Loen Lake, and experience the wild Kjenndal Valley and Kjenndal Glacier.

At the Jostedal Glacier National Park Center, located on the banks of Lake Stryn, learn about the park through film and exhibits.

Experience Northern Europe´s deepest lake – Hornindalsvatnet, the famous Geirangerfjord and the view from Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba.

Other activities include rafting on the Nordfjord, a helicopter tour of the mountains and glaciers, various hiking trails and boat trips on Lake Olden.

The disabled cruiser visiting Olden 

Where You’re Docked

Olden is an anchorage port. Passengers transfer to shore via ship’s tender.

Cruise ships usually anchor and tender passengers ashore. The center is around 700m away.

A sightseeing ”train” sometimes operates and public buses are 100m from the pier.

There are some shops on the pier.

Good to Know

Heavy traffic 

Getting Around

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Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The official currency is the Norwegian Krone.


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There are five factory outlets in the village. The Tourist Information Office is also here, to help and advise on your time in Olden.

Menus feature traditional dishes consisting of game, fish and meatballs, although pasta and pizza are also to be found on menus. ‘Fårikål’ (mutton stew with cabbage) and ‘pinnekjøtt’ (mutton ribs) are seasonal dishes.

Points of Interest

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