Roseau, Dominica

Roseau, Dominica

Tiny and charming, Roseau offers visitors an intimate look at the nation of Dominica. Stroll past the houses on Castle Street, marked by quaint tin roofs and gingerbread fretwork. Tour the Dominican Museum and the plentiful shops in Post Office Square. Pose for scenic nautical photos in front of the Bay Front Sea Wall. Enjoy the chattering antics of native parrots at the local bird sanctuary.

Roseau is the capital of the island of Dominica. Dominica is located between Guadeloupe and Martinique, in the eastern Caribbean.

Nearby places to visit include the Dominica Museum, close to the port, the Old Market for a taste of authentic Dominica and the Botanical Gardens, on the north east edge of town.

Trafalgar Falls in the rainforest is a popular trip along with the strenuous hiking trail to Boiling Lake, used as a fitness test by the Dominican Army.

Dominica’s national dish is the Mountain Chicken – a native giant frog, which is protected and can only be caught between autumn and February.

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Where You’re Docked

Most ships dock at Roseau Cruise Ship terminal. It’s located in town, just steps away from shops, restaurants and transportation. The Port of Woodbridge Bay, less frequently used, is about a mile north of the city.

Some smaller ships may dock at the Portsmouth Cruise Ship facility on the northwestern tip of the island, about 30 miles northwest of Roseau. Travel time is roughly one hour.

Colorful downtown Roseau spreads out from the dock. The frenetic little city is small geographically but possesses a high concentration of inhabitants. Cocorico Cafe (Bay Front), right across from the pier, is the closest place for snacks, local arts and crafts, and Wi-Fi. A couple of blocks away, the Old Market ranks as one of the best in the Caribbean. The fruit and vegetable stalls provide a nice photo opp, and the local arts and crafts stalls are good places to pick up souvenirs, including Carib baskets.

If you dock in Portsmouth; the site of a famous battle between the French and English while vying for occupation of the island; you’ll find that the port, located about a half-mile outside of Portsmouth, features a small visitor welcome center and is near some of the only white-sand beaches on the island, as well as Cabrits National Park.

Good to Know

Especially when exploring Roseau, watch out for crowded, narrow sidewalks. You might find yourself having to walk in the street at times. Also, remember when crossing the street that cars drive on the left.

Getting Around

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The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is relatively stable and pegged to the U.S. dollar. There are ATM’s in Roseau and Portsmouth connected to Cirrus, Star and Plus networks, which dispense E.C. (XCD) dollars. Banks will also change money. U.S. dollars are widely accepted by most tour operators, restaurants and vendors; however, change may be given in local currency.


The language of Dominica is English. However, many of the locals also speak Creole.


Seek out intricate, hand-woven baskets and grass mats made by the Carib Indians. Be on the lookout, too, for island-made natural beauty products like soaps.

Creole cuisine is the thing to try. Choose from curries to crabback (stuffed crab backs) and various preparations of callaloo (a spinach-like leafy vegetable). Other treats include fried titiri ackras (small river fish) and bakes (fried biscuits filled with cheese or fish).

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