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Summary of cruise ship destinations with attractions to see in the port of call and related shore excursions while focusing on accessibility for the disabled cruiser.


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, home to 17 of the 20 highest peaks in North America, more than 100,000 glaciers, 3 million lakes and breathtaking scenery. On an Alaska cruise, you’ll explore Glaciers, wildlife, national parks and captivating gold rush history that has left its mark on the areas streets, saloons and storefronts. You can also take a cruise tour by way of train to Denali National Park on a North or Southbound voyage.

Alaska cruise departs from the Pacific Coastal ports of Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Whittier or Seward. Ports-of-call include Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. The ports are very accommodating to the disabled cruiser.

Disability Cruising-Alaska

Sailing on a cruise ship is simply the start of any Alaskan Adventure. The absolute majesty and elegance of Alaska can only be fully realized by experiencing an Alaska shore excursion. Whether you’re looking for sightseeing and city tours, adventure or nature and wildlife, exploring the wonders of Alaska cruise excursions will be a once in a lifetime experience. An extensive selection of exceptional Alaska cruise excursions allows you to create your own itinerary by choosing individual Alaska cruise excursions for each port that you visit based on your specific interests and budget.

On your Alaska cruise you will experience majestic blue and white glaciers, loads of Native American culture, the history of an old Gold Rush town, vast vistas and forests, and amazing wildlife.


California Coastal cruises hug the coasts of the sun-kissed Pacific Coast, where welcoming beaches, amazing destinations and remarkable cities wait. Roam Santa Barbara’s historical mission, check out captivating Catalina Island and appreciate delicious wines from Ensenada’s growing wine nation. Plus, these hassle-free roundtrip cruises are a fantastic value, with worldwide dining, comfy lodgings, first-rate entertainment, a Vegas-style gambling establishment and unlimited ocean views all included in your fare.Disability Cruising-Cal1

Disabled cruisers will enjoy California Coastal cruise locations that consist of Vancouver, Victoria, Astoria, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara.


Canada and New England supply a large selection of chances to take pleasure in the special landscapes, customs and culture of this impressive area. From the abundant history of Boston to the charming seaside towns of Maine to the interesting culture of Quebec and numerous ports between.Disability Cruising-Canada

Cities that you may have the pleasure of visiting include Boston, Newfoundland, Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor and Portland in Maine, Montreal, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec City.

When you start a Canada and New England cruise, you are in for some excellent history, and exceptional seafood. From cobblestone streets to national parks and lighthouses to stunning fjords, you will have a wonderful experience.


All the significant cruise lines offer inexpensive Caribbean cruises for the disabled cruiser. Caribbean cruise schedules can differ extremely in between schedules and cruise line. As far as cruising’s go, the Caribbean divided into three significant areas: Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and Southern Caribbean.

The Caribbean supplies a selection of stunning tropical settings, all set to take you deep into a paradise vacation. Seeing the Caribbean from a ship is excellent. Checking out and experiencing the islands on excursions and in the water is exactly what the real Caribbean is about.Disability Cruising- Bahamas

On a Caribbean cruise, the disabled traveler can eagerly anticipate remarkable locations, food, and beverage, and obviously, beaches. Anticipate to see jaw-dropping ports and nations like: Grand Cayman; Grand Turk; Antigua; the British and U.S. Virgin Islands; Honduras; Belize; Jamaica, and more.

Caribbean cruises are a budget friendly and really popular method to see this lovely part of the world, and as one of the most popular cruise locations worldwide, you have a variety of ships and fleets to select from. The Caribbean has plenty to offer up visitors from all standing of life. Tropical paradise, beautiful sights, and a lively culture wait for you.


With its signature storybook castles, sweeping landscapes and inviting coasts, this is a location soaked in tradition. Go to the area’s palaces, bars and historic treasures on a cruise to the British Isles, Iceland & Northern Europe. Travel from renowned Edinburgh to wonderful Dublin to the marvels of Paris, and admire the natural elegances of Iceland and the remote lands of the North Cape at the top of the world.

Make your way around the British Isles, stopping to take in the thrills of historic port towns along the way. In Guernsey, explore 800-year-old Castle Cornet. Visit the agrarian Irish countryside and monastic ruins of Glendalough and in the Scottish Highlands, see if you can spot the Loch Ness Monster from the jagged ruins of Urquhart Castle.

Disability Cruising-BritishIn Bergen, visit the captivating and idyllic Old Bergen Museum, which is just one of numerous museums throughout the city. Reykjavik, Iceland, with its lava flows, hot springs, and unspoiled nature are just the beginning of the adventure. Cruise to Paris and visit the collections of the Louvre or ride to the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower, and visit Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

When arriving in Southampton, leave time to check out the abundant history and culture of London. Look upon the arches and crowning dome of London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, or go to the magnificent Tower of London and stoic Big Ben.


The Mediterranean is a fantastic mixing pot of culture, art, and cuisine. Explore the ruins of Rome and the world class museum collections of Athens, where two great civilizations sprang forth. The beauty of Cannes, France, and Italy — with all its charms where you can visit Naples, Rome, Tuscany, Pompeii, Florence and in Venice Take a gondola through the canals,. You’ll also get to soak in the spectacular views of whitewashed villages and ancient windmills from a seaside café on the isle of Mykonos. Cruises to the Mediterranean & Greek Isles will captivate you with timeless beauty.

Disability Cruising-MediterraneanCruises to the Mediterranean enable you the chance to see the remarkable work of arts such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the world-famous statue of David in Florence. Ascend to the temples of the Acropolis, towering above the Athenian landscape. Admire the works of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, and browse the Vatican’s huge art museum and check out the distinguished Picasso Museum in Barcelona.


Check out the marvels of far-off lands, where Vikings and czars ruled. Travel back in time to middle ages Tallinn, and stand in wonder of Catherine Palace, Peterhof Palace and the magnificent onion-domed churches of St. Petersburg. Stroll the medieval streets in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, and visit the beauty of the Norwegian Fjords on a cruise to Scandinavia & Russia.

Disability Cruising-RussiaStand in astonishment of the 17th-century warship in Stockholm’s Vasa Museum. Look upon the 220-pound pure gold dome of St. Petersburg’s St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Immerse yourself in the beauty of coastal Norway, visit a stone-age farm in Stavenger, and take in picturesque cruising along the snow-capped mountains of Geiranger Fjord. Travel to Berlin’s Museum Island, a complex of five international museums off the Spree River, and visit the riveting Holocaust Memorial. Enjoy Finland’s stunning Kiasma Modern Art Museum and the National Museum located in a neo-medieval castle. Tour Helsinki’s massive fortress Suomenlinna, considered the “Gibraltar of the North” and famed Temppeliaukio church, which is carved into bedrock.

Open the secrets of Scandinavia & Russia on the Baltic and Scandinavian cruises. From history to the arts, much awaits your discovery in both Scandinavia & Russia.


Hawaii is a scenic series of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. It can be a costly trip for many, however if you experience the marvels of Hawaii on a cruise, you’ll save lots of money, as your accommodations, inter-island transport, and food are integrated in one low cost.

Consisting of six primary islands, Oahu provides Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor memorials, and Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu. You’ll likewise travel to Kauai, Hilo, and Maui.

Disability Cruising-HawaiiIn Hawaii, the disabled cruiser will see a remarkable island sanctuary filled with green foliage, cascading waterfalls, and towering cliffs. Lovely beaches can be found in a range of sand colors, from gold, black, green, and red.

The weather condition in Hawaii is typically constant. Due to the volcanic mountains and differing elevations, you can discover a range of environments– from tropical rain forests to dry deserts to sandy beaches– within miles of each other.

From towering seaside cliffs, to stunning volcanoes, to rich tropical beaches, Hawaii is an interesting and distinct location. Seeing Hawaii from a cruise liner is fascinating. A once in life time experience, awaits you to witness Hawaii through shore excursions.


Mexico is a special and extremely varied location. Seeing Mexico from a cruise liner is lovely in its own right, however experiencing it by land on a Mexican Riviera tour can be the experience of a lifetime.disability Cruising-Mexico

Mexico is a big nation, composed of numerous varying areas. The most widely known cities and areas are the Yucatan and its Mayan Riviera with Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun; Mexico City; the Mexican Riviera with Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, Mazatlán, Zihuatanejo, and Manzanillo; and Baja Cruisers enjoy Mexico for its tasty, and in some cases hot food, emotional Mariachi bands, and enthusiasm for life. Departure ports are typically based in the Southern U.S., such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, New Orleans, Tampa, and Galveston.


The Panama Canal is a 48-mile-long man-made waterway that was produced to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This made cruising from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast, and beyond, far quicker. Trade in between countries has likewise increased due to this modern-day technological marvel.

Panama Canal cruises are in some cases divided into two classifications: complete and partial transits. A partial transit may cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, through Gatun Locks to Gatun Lake, and deal stops in stunning Central American and Caribbean ports, consisting of Cartagena, Limón, Ocho Rios, and Aruba before returning to Ft. Lauderdale.

Disability Cruising-PanamaComplete transit Panama Canal cruises transverse in one direction. The disabled cruiser might leave from a west coast city such as Los Angeles or Vancouver, cruise through the Pedro Miguel, Gatun, and Miraflores Locks, and stop in the Caribbean and Central America prior to cruising to an East Coast location like Miami.

A cruise through the Panama Canal is interesting and an extremely distinct experience that includes numerous impressive ports. From the tropical charm of the Caribbean in the East to the rich vegetation of Costa Rica in Central America to the abundant culture of the Mexican Riviera in the West with lots of ports between.